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Star Wars: Episode 1

Star Wars: Episode 1 according to the IPD (With some minor additions from me):

Date:   June 1999
Manufacturer:   Williams
Model Number:   50069
Max # of Players:   4
Specialty:   Pinball 2000 Machine
Theme:   Movie - Sci-Fi - Licensed Theme
Features:   2 Flippers, 2 Ramps, 1 Magnet, 1 Captive Ball, Neon Light-Saber
Toys:   A Target that can move up and out of the ball's path for interacting with on-screen display
Designer:   John Popadiuk
Artwork:   Kevin O'Connor
Software:   Cameron Silver, Duncan Brown
Sound/Music:   Eric Pryzby
Mechanics:   Jack Skalon, Bob Brown
Slogans:   ???

I bought this in Playfield-Swap-Kit form. It takes advantage of the modular design of the Pinball 2000 system. This Star Wars kit fits into my Revenge From Mars cabinet. The swap was supposed to take only minutes, but due to some last minute design changes (to the kit), you are stuck swapping large ROM chips which adds substantially to the swap-out time. None-the-less, I have two pinball machines in the space of just one.

Here are some pictures of the kit. I bought this New-In-Box, and pictures of the opening of this kit are included below. The order of the opening is chronological from left-to-right, top-to-bottom. Some of the installed-pictures were taken with the playfield glass installed. I will be reshooting these pictures without the glass at some point in the future.



Here is the Star Wars: Episode 1 playfield kit still in the factory box. This is just after removing the shipping straps that sealed the box. A view from one end of the box.



The identification label from the box. Upon removing the lid of the box.



A view of some of the side-art stickers. More of the artwork stickers.



The Star Wars: Episode 1 Translight. The first peek at the playfield. Shipping support cardboard is still in place.



The full playfield still brand-new in the crate. The contents of the documentation envelope. Black plastic piece is for separation of the Prism Board Sandwich assembly.



The manual by itself. The plunger assembly. Revenge from Mars is an auto-plunger game, you need to swap to a manual plunger for SW:E1. Originally, Williams had planned to have a universal auto/manual plunger combination unit, but they scrapped that idea in a cost-saving move.



The mysterious box of ROMs. The ROM box, opened. Because of another cost saving measure, the SW:E1 game owners are forced to swap *TEN* of these mammoth FOURTY-FOUR pin ROM chips each time they want to swap games. Originally, the kits were supposed to ship with an additional Prism card (so you swap the cards, not the chips). This makes the swap-out take a LOT more time than it should. I lucked out and found a new Prism ROM Daugher card to mount these chips in and make future swaps easier. I still have to deal with the autoplunger/plunger thing, but that's no biggie.



Swap finished, here's a view of the full playfield installed in the RFM cabinet. The upper section of the playfield.



The lower area of the playfield. The Star Wars: Episode 1 Backglass. The translight mounts to the glass with black plastic sleeves/clips, so I made this change. The side-art on the game is sticker-based, so I won't be doing that change-over, as it's not reversible.

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