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Stargate according to the IPD (With some minor additions from me):

Date:   March 1995
Manufacturer:   Gottlieb/Premier Technology
Model Number:   742
Max # of Players:   4
Theme:   Movie Based - Licensed Theme
Features:   3 Flippers, 2 Ramps, 1 Manual/Automatic Plunger, 1 Outlane Kickback, 4 Ball Multiball
Toys:   A neat spaceship/glider comes out of the gold pyramid to menace the players. I affectionately call this the "Bug on a Stick"
Production Run:   3600
Designer:   Ray Tanzer
Artwork:   Constantino Mitchell
Graphics:   Rand Paulin, Alycen Hareas, Vecennia Jordan
Software:   Allen Edwall
Mechanics:   Marion Czyz, Wesley Chang
Sound/Musicc:   Craig Beierwaltes, Duane Decker
Slogans:   Transport yourself to another dimension.

The movie was bad. The pin is awesome. Too many times this happens, and actually might kill a good portion of the pin's sales. This one's a lot of fun to play, and has some great shots, and a good feel. The sound is a bit annoying with this evil sounding voice mumbling things that a friend of mine says sounds like "Pickles not eggs" and other incoherent babble.

Seriously one of Gottlieb's best pins in my honest opinion.

Full View from the Front of the Machine. Full View of the Side of the Machine.

The Upper Playfield area. The Top-Right Playfield Area.

The Pyramid area. The Horus and Pop Bumper Area.

The Drop Target and Pop Bumper Area. Full Playfield View.

Left Side of Backbox. Right Side of Backbox.

The Backglass and DMD Panel. The Coin Door Area on the front of the Machine.

The Scoring Card. The Instruction Card.

Left Side of Backbox. The Backglass. Click the appropriate Link below to download a background for your computer.

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