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Rocky and Bullwinkle

Rocky and Bullwinkle according to the IPD (With some minor additions from me):

Date:   February 1993
Manufacturer:   Data East
Max # of Players:   4
Theme:   Cartoons - Fictional - Licensed Theme
Features:   2 Flippers, 2 Ramps, 2 Automatic Plungers, 3 Ball Multiball
Toys:   Nell's Log (Acts as mode timer), Spin-to-Win (Keeps track of BOMB target hits)
Designer:   Tim Seckel
Artwork:   Kevin O'Connor
DMD Graphics:   John Carpenter
Software:   Kristina Donofrio
Sound:   Brian Schmidt
Music:   Norm Wurz
Slogans:   Here's Something You'll Really Like!
Presto! Change-O! Pinball!
Moose Up Your Collections at Locations Nationwide

No longer in my collection.

Got this game from a home-sales vendor. Purchased as-is, and I shopped it completely. In hind-sight, I probably paid too much for it, especially considering I traded it for a Johnny Mnemonic.

I took a bunch of pictures of this game before selling it, and I will post them soon.

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