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Derek Garforth's Plastic Reproductions

A gentleman from the UK named Derek Garforth (E-Mail: derek.pinball@btinternet.com) makes reproductions of pinball plastics in small runs. These small runs are incredibly faithful to the originals. This page shows pictures of Derek's plastics compared to Williams' original parts. The original plastics that I am comparing the repros to are, unfortunately, a bit tar-stained from years of the pinball hanging out in a bar or other smokey environment. I think you can still get a good idea as to how close Derek's reproductions match the originals.

Derek uses a 3mm Merkalon plastic which is FAR stronger, and superior to that of the original plastics. These plastics are so nice, they make the rest of my game's plastics look cruddy in comparison. :)

This is a view of Derek's reproduction plastics from the front, compared to the original Williams parts.

This is a view of Derek's reproduction plastics from the back, compared to the original Williams parts.

The left slings compared.

The right slings compared.

A view of the cross-section of the plastics. Derek's plastic is the one on the left. Williams' plastic is on the right.

A close-up detail shot of Derek's Plastic (on the left), and Williams' original part to the right.

This is a completely unbiased review/look at Derek's plastic reproductions. PinballZone.com has no affiliation with Derek Garforth. Please e-mail Derek Garforth directly with any comments, questions, orders, or concerns.

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