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Current Events and Happenings at PinballZone.com
27-APR-2011 I have added a mirror of a site that hosted decrypted ROMs to resurrect Sega System 16 and System 18 boards. These ROMs allow you to bypass the FD1094 custom processor and its crazy encryption routines. Click here to jump to the download page.
29-JAN-2008 I added a link over to Ken's Pinball Rebel page. Some good stuff over there, including custom pinball instruction and pricing cards, game specific information, jukebox info, an event calendar, and a pinball locator! I also removed a link to a Capcom site, as the site is gone.
17-MAY-2007 IMPORTANT NOTICE: I've moved PinballZone.com to a new server due to issues at my old hosting company. E-Mail was down for an undetermined amount of time. If you e-mailed something important to me and have not received a response, please resend at your convenience. Let me know if you see anything wrong with the pages on the site! I've gone through everything, but I'm sure I missed some stuff.
29-APR-2005 I realized that the larger pictures from the galleries on this site were showing broken links. I've repaired the affected scripts, so the pictures should once again be working properly.
07-APR-2004 The P3League now has it's own website and domain name! Click HERE to visit the NEW P3League WebSite for the LATEST updates about the Parlour Patron's Pinball League!
11-FEB-2004 Updated my current game list to reflect my recent selling of a large portion of my collection.
26-NOV-2003 It's hard to believe it's been a year since my last update to this page. Anyway, Chris McKinley sent me some updated pictures of his collection, click here to check them out!
24-NOV-2002 After about 1 and 1/2 years of work, my Mystery Castle machine shop-out project is finally finished. We were using this game as a graduation project for my younger brother, so that explains the style and formatting of the page. Click here to check out the details!
14-JUL-2002 Just added Pictures of the NEW Roller Coaster Tycoon game from Stern Pinball. Click here to check out the pictures!! It looks great, kudos to Stern Pinball, and thanks to Chris Werfel and John Kirby for the excellent pictures!!
05-MAY-2002 Just added Pictures and Video from the Allentown, PA 2002 Pinball Wizard's Convention. It was a great time! Be sure to check out the pictures by clicking here!
10-MAR-2002 Similar to the Instruction Manual FTP site information page at PinballZone.com, The Debaser.net Plastic Repository FTP Site information page has been added. These two sites (the Instruction Manual FTP site, and the Plastic Repository FTP site) are both incredible resources to the pinball community. PinballZone.com is proud to offer an easier-to-remember URL to help you get to these two services. Please support both FTP sites by uploading.
08-MAR-2002 Mike Purcell's Instruction Manual Archive FTP Site information page has been added to PinballZone.com. There is the potential for the Instruction Manual Archive's IP Address to change from time-to-time, so go to the PinballZone.com Manual Archive tracking page and bookmark there. The current IP Address, and current status (including a live automatic online/offline indicator) of the FTP server are always posted there. Mike has done a wonderful job archiving this info, but he needs constant help with the project. If you have manuals that are not in the archive, and you also have a scanner, PLEASE help by uploading manual scans to his FTP site.
05-MAR-2002 Added the Star Trek: The Next Generation page. I also did some general updates to some of the other miscellaneous game pages.
04-MAR-2002 Added the Star Wars: Episode 1 and Breakshot pages. Updated and added pictures to the Monopoly and Cirqus Voltaire pages. In case you are interested, the Star Wars: Episode 1 and Monopoly pages also now include the box-opening pictures.
01-MAR-2002 Added information to the Monopoly Ramp Flap do-it-yourself page for where to buy the parts pre-made. Roc from The House of Payne was generous enough to take my designs and offer them as professionally cut ready-to-install parts. Thanks Roc!
17-OCT-2001 I just added the beginnings of the Monopoly page! More info and pictures are coming soon!
15-OCT-2001 Fixed a bug in the script that runs the Rubber Ring Info Database. It was dropping entered comments. Problem is fixed now.
10-OCT-2001 Picked up my Monopoly machine today. Pictures and info are coming soon!
06-OCT-2001 Added the WaterWorld page. WaterWorld is For Sale.
05-OCT-2001 Finally posted pictures of the Ceremonial Unboxing of my New-In-Box Revenge From Mars! Click on Revenge From Mars on the menu to the left of this page to view them.
03-OCT-2001 Posted a review of Derek Garforth's Pinball Plastic Reproductions. Check it out by clicking here!
26-SEP-2001 Pinball, Pachinko, and Video Games for sale. I'm cleaning out my garage! There are some good deals to be had. Click here for pictures and details!
25-SEP-2001 Added the beginnings of the Cirqus Voltaire page to the site. The page contains some more detailed information than the Internet Pinball Database could provide. I've also added a custom desktop background that I created. I'll be bolstering the Cirqus Voltaire page more at some future point. Enjoy!
22-SEP-2001 Finally acquired a Cirqus Voltaire Machine!!! This one's been the top-machine on my "Want List" for about 3 years. It's great to finally have one.
12-JUL-2001 Added standings for the Summer 2001 Season of the Parlour Patrons Pinball League! Join us on Thursdays at 7:30 pm at the Pinball Parlour in Lansdale, PA! Click League Info for more details!
31-MAY-2001 Added the Demolition Man Page! I also reorganized the machine names (and links) to reference the current state of my collection. There have been quite a few changes to my collection recently, and the list on the left-hand menu is now accurate.
15-MAY-2001 Updated a bunch of the back-end operations and scripts on this site. I've tested extensively, but it's possible I missed some things. If you see any broken links or errors, please E-Mail me!
07-MAY-2001 Added pictures I took at the 2001 Allentown Pinball Wizard's Convention. Enjoy!
17-JAN-2001 Updated League Scores for the Winter 2000/2001 Season!
06-JAN-2001 Did a quick update to the Links Section (Added a Capcom Site!), also fixed a minor mis-information on my Airborne page. There are a total of four Capcom Machines that made it into production, Airborne, Breakshot, Pinball Magic and Flipper Football. I had it listed as three.
22-DEC-2000 Due to popular demand, I have added a rubber ring information database to the site. This is a user-submitted and webmaster moderated database containing rubber ring color information (and more) on a machine specific basis.
30-OCT-2000 I added pictures to the Pin*Bot Page. The pictures are mostly of the playfield, and also contain some striking "before-cleaning" shots. It's amazing how the operators let their machines deteriorate. It's also amazing how long it can take to undo the damage the neglect has caused.
29-OCT-2000 I finally took the time to update the PinballZone logo (above). It now appears on a white background. During the development of this site, the general look of the site was originally on black, and this graphic was the last remaining remnant of the black site design.
13-OCT-2000 Updated almost the whole site. Changed my list of current and previous games to reflect my current collection. Added the Capcom Airborne page! Minor changes to a few other pages, including Pin*Bot, Cyclone, and Johnny Mnemonic. Also fixed a few minor typos and mistakes on various pages. The Revenge From Mars, World Cup Soccer, Shadow, and Star Trek: TNG pages are coming soon.
12-OCT-2000 We started the Autumn 2000 Season of the Parlour Patron's Pinball League! Missed the first week? It's never too late to join! See the rules for more details!
11-JUL-2000 The Summer 2000 Season of the Parlour Patron's Pinball League is off to a great start! Scores from Week 1 are posted now! It's not too late to join! See the rules for more details!
01-JUN-2000 Posted final standings from the Spring Parlour Patron's Pinball League. Check back soon for information on the Summer League!
08-APR-2000 Added standings from the First Week of the Spring 2000 Pinball League. Converted to an electronic league scoring compilation method. This has caused the layouts and presentations of the league points and information to change slightly. It has also complicated navigation of that section of the site. Actions are being taken to rectify the situation. On the positive side, the electronic compilation of league scores causes better accuracy, easier maintenance, and many more benefits.
23-MAR-2000 Changed some league rules, and added the Spring 2000 schedule. I hope to see you there!
1-MAR-2000 Finally added the StarGate Page. Check it out.
18-FEB-2000 Finalized League Standings Pages. Keep an eye out for our next season (coming Spring 2000).
13-JAN-2000 Added League Standings. General updates to League pages.
30-DEC-1999 Added pictures of Vetteman's (Ron's) collection at Video-Video in Morristown, NJ. Click on Other's Collections to see these new pictures!
29-DEC-1999 A PinballZone.com Exclusive! Thanks to Ron Score, click here for a scan of Kelly Packard's Golden Cue Pinball from Stern Pinball, Inc.
28-DEC-1999 The Guestbook is ALIVE! Click Here to add your entry.
27-DEC-1999 PinballZone.com is officially open! Enjoy! Lots more is on the way. Please notify me of anything that might be wrong!

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