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Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation according to the IPD (With some minor additions from me):

Date:   November 1993
Manufacturer:   Williams
Model Number:   50023
Max # of Players:   4
Specialty:   Wide-Body Machine
Theme:   Movie/Television Show - Outer Space - Sci-Fi - Licensed Theme
Features:   3 Flippers, 2 Ramps, 2 Ball Cannons, Lots of Under-Playfield Passageways
Toys:   Borg Ship Lock Mechanism - Fires ball directly towards flippers, Ball Cannons - Player controlled, allows you to fire the pinball like a gun (requires good aim)
Designer:   Steve Ritchie
Artwork:   Greg Freres
Graphics:   Scott Slomiany, Eugene Geer
Software:   Dwight Sullivan, Matt Coriale
Mechanics:   Carl Biagi
Sound/Music:   Dan Forden
Slogans:   Galaxy Class Pinball from Williams
It's Pinball at Warp Factor 9

This is another one of the greatest games ever made. From the theme, to the license integration, to the sound effects, artwork, gameplay, features, toys, and on-and-on. THIS GAME ROCKS!!! I am a huge 'Next Generation' fan, and this game fits in my collection perfectly. The really cool part is that they used all of the original cast-members voices. Unfortunately, some of the licensed pinball machines have had their voice-overs recorded by impersonators. (Probably due to budgeting concerns, schedule problems, etc.) This game has a bunch of under-playfield passageways, and quite a significant amount of opto-switches and diverters to control all of the under-playfield ball movement. The game also has Cannons that swing out from each sling-shot, allowing the player to aim and fire the ball in nearly any direction on the playfield. This is a very cool feature, and fits the theme of the game perfectly. This game is so complicated and impressive, apparently it was featured in the December 1994 issue of Popular Mechanics, pages 63-65 and page 123.

I completely shopped this game, removed all playfield components, cleaned and waxed the playfield, then cleaned, buffed, and polished each individual playfield component as I reinstalled them. I replaced all rubber parts and lightbulbs during the reassembly process. This game is complex, and definitely one of the tougher games I've ever had to shop. The ramps took me literally weeks of fine-tuning until I had them adjusted correctly. This is the only game I've ever had major parts left over from after finishing the shopping. If you shop one of these, be sure to take notes, and take excellent pictures, especially of where the wireform ramps connect to each other and to the playfield. Trust me, it'll save you a bunch of headaches when you go to reassemble. I take pictures of each game before (and during) taking it apart, then use those pictures to help me in the reassemble. Of course, the few areas I don't get accurate and detailed pictures of are the few that I have problems with. Part of the fun is figuring out how it all is supposed to go back together (like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle with no defined solution). I love this stuff. Heheh.

Here are some pictures of my freshly shopped Star Trek: The Next Generation machine. So clean, you could eat off of it! At some point, I will take some better playfield pictures (without the playfield glass). Right now, this machine is 'grid-locked' and I can't get the glass off to take decent pictures. Click the pictures for a larger view.



A full view of the playfield. A view of the upper section of the playfield.



Middle section view of the game playfield. The lower area of the playfield.



The beta ramp area of the playfield. The delta ramp section of the playfield.



The coin door area of the cabinet. The backbox of Star Trek: TNG.


Here is a picture I took of the backglass. It came out great (after some graphics-editor magic). Click the appropriate Link below to download a background for your computer.

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