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Rollergames according to the IPD (With some minor additions from me):

Date:   June 1990
Manufacturer:   Williams
Model Number:   576
Max # of Players:   4
Theme:   TV Show/Sport - Roller Derby - Licensed Theme
Features:   3 Flippers, 1 Ramp (3 paths), 1 Automatic Plunger, 3 Ball Multiball, 1 Magnet
Toys:   Magnet in front of top right flipper stops ball for a "gimmie" shot up the ramp.
Designer:   Steve Ritchie
Artwork:   Pat McMahon
Mechanics:   Joe Joos, Jr.
Sound/Music:   Dan Forden
Slogans:   Let the Good Times Roll!
Stay on Track with another Williams Winner!

This pin is based on a short-running TV Show in the late eighties/early nineties. The theme is, of course, horrible. This is one of the first pins (in my recollection) to use digital audio to "Sing-Along" with the FM Background music. Anyone who has played will surely remember, "Rock-Rock-Rockin' Rollergames". Some other noteable quotes that will make you cringe are, "Go for the Wall!", "Don't Flip!... Flip!", "It's Sudden Death! Go for the Wall!", and last but not least "The Rockers", "Hot Flash", "The T-Birds", and "Bad Attitude" among other team names.

Got this one from a friend who regularly gets the most horrible games from the worst parts of every bad neighborhood in the Philly area. It actually isn't bad, beyond needing a serious cleaning. Unfortunately, I sold this machine before I could get pictures. It was so dirty, you probably don't want to see pictures, anyway. :)

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