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Pin*Bot according to the IPD (With some minor additions from me):

Date:   October 1986
Manufacturer:   Williams
Max # of Players:   4
Model Number:   549
Production Run:   12,001
Theme:   Space/Fantasy
Designers:   Barry Oursler, Python Anghelo
Artwork:   Python Anghelo
Mechanics:   Joe Joos, Jr.
Sound/Music:   Chris Granner
Slogans:   All this... made humanly possible by Williams.
The ultimate machine.

Got this one from the same guy as my Cyclone. This one was in just as bad of shape. I finished shopping this, and sold it to a local direct-to-home pinball dealer. I got a decent amount of cash for it.

Here are some pictures of my Pin*Bot, after a complete playfield cleaning.

The bottom section of the Pin*Bot Playfield. A full view of the Pin*Bot Playfield.

The Bride of Pin*Bot Mini-Playfield. A close-up view of the Bride of Pin*Bot Mini-Playfield.

The decorative capsule plastic from the lower left portion of the playfield. The decorative capsule plastic from the lower right portion of the playfield.

The left-hand side of the Playfield, showing the drop targets. The spiral and another view of the Bride Mini-Playfield.

The upper section of the Pin*Bot Playfield. The Visor, in the closed position.

The Visor in the Open Position.

Now for some BEFORE and AFTER cleaning/shopping pictures. Brace yourself, the BEFORE pictures are quite disgusting.

These legs were incredibly rusty and dirty. I decided to use some SOS pads and a TON of elbow grease to clean these. After soaking them in numerous cleaning agents (including Castrol SuperClean), I resorted to scrubbing with an SOS pad. In hindsight, I probably should have used a rust remover instead, but the results were decent none-the-less. The legs after what seemed like HOURS of scrubbing. The results are well worth it.

The Pop-Bumper area before cleaning. YUCK! Novus #2, and Carnuba-Based waxes can do WONDERS!

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