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Parlour Patron's Pinball League Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations
- This league's rules are designed to create a FUN, easy-going pinball league. We want everyone to be able to join, regardless of play level, or time constraints. Although we prefer you to arrive at the scheduled league session times, we keep an open schedule for those who can't make it at the same time each week.

- All League Meetings are held at the Pinball Parlour in Earlington, Pennsylvania on Thursday nights at 7:30 pm during the scheduled weeks. Click on the Pinball Parlour link to the left for more information.

- If you are unable to attend the Thursday night meeting, you may make up the missed games any night of the week as long as it is within ONE WEEK (prior-to or after) the league night that you missed. You MUST pay dues for ALL weeks for which you are recording scores.

- Each player plays only ONE game on each of the FOUR machines that are scheduled for Competition during that week. This ONE game will be your recorded score. To be fair to all players, practice on the current week's league machines is not allowed.

- All game scores are recorded by the players at the time of game completion, but MUST be verified (signature required) by at least one other league member.

- Cost of admission to the Pinball Parlour is $12 for the entire evening. To be fair to all league members, the league members must pay the $12 admission fee (not the Pinball Parlour's hourly fee) because Thursday meetings may take longer than 1 hour. League dues are taken out of this $12 admission to cover the cost of prizes for the winners of the 6 week Tournament. Players who are making up games from previous weeks must pay for each week they missed to be eligible to record scores for the missed weeks. Note that the $12 admission price is a special deal for Parlour Patron's Pinball League members. The nightly admission fee is currently $15 for standard customers.

- Typically, machines played each week will be selected by the age of the machine. One machine from the late 90's, one from the early 90's, one from the 70's or 80's, and one EM will be played each week. This makes a total of four machines each week.

- On an each-machine basis, players acquire league points based on their rankings during the 8 week Tournament period. The League scoring system follows:

First Place is good for 10 league points
Second Place is good for 9 league points
Third Place is good for 8 league points
Fourth Place is good for 7 league points
Fifth Place is good for 6 league points
All other players receive 5 point for their efforts
Players who do not play a given game will receive 0 points.
For example, if a player places First (10 league points) on WhiteWater, and gets Third (8 league points) on FunHouse, they have a total of 18 league points so far in the Tournament. The totals for the 4 machines per week are calculated and posted on this site. At the end of the 6 week tournament period, the top league point holders are the winners. Winners will receive that season's prizes, which will typically be on display at the Pinball Parlour.

- Each player will be given three (3) mulligans per season. These mulligans are used to replay a game that the player decides they could have done better on. Players must decide to use their mulligan immediately upon completion of the game they'd like to use it for. This allows players some margin of error, and a way to recover from games that they are not particularly happy with. Players MUST write the score from the first game on the score sheet, denote that they are using their mulligan on the score sheet next to their first score, then play and record the second score. Players are encouraged to use their mulligans wisely, as they may need them later in the season. Mulligans CAN NOT be traded for league points at the end of the season.

- If a prize is donated by a league player, and that player wins the donated prize, the prize will be passed to the next eligible player according to final rankings. The owner of the Pinball Parlour is not eligible for prizes if he participates in the league. Any prizes he would qualify for during the tournament season will be forfeited to the next player according to rank.

- Prizes donated by League Sponsors will be awarded based on value and the opinions of the League Staff members.

- In the event of a tie at the end of the tournament season, a best-of-three tiebreaker will be held on a randomly chosen machine.

- When the weather is less than cooperative, use your best judgement on whether or not to come to league. Pinball is not worth risking your safety, or the safety of others. If you miss league due to inclement weather, the usual league make-up policy applies. (You will have one week to make-up your missed scores.) The Pinball Parlour is open during 99.9% of all inclement weather. In special cases where the weather potentially disrupts multiple weeks of league play, special considerations will be made and communicated to league members.

- The league President and Vice-President reserve the right to update and change these rules as necessary. They also reserve the right to make final decisions to resolve any disputes. Suggestions for changes to the rules are always welcome!

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