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Cirqus Voltaire

Cirqus Voltaire according to the IPD (With some minor additions from me):

Date:   October 1997
Manufacturer:   Bally (Williams)
Model Number:   50062
Max # of Players:   4
Specialty:   Dot Matrix Display in Playfield, not Backbox
Theme:   Circus Performers - Carnival
Features:   Dot Matrix Display in Playfield instead of Backbox, Retractable Pop-Bumper Assembly, RingMaster Head Target, Animated Backglass (first since Bad Cats!), Neon Tube along Ramp
Toys:   Retractable "Boom Marvel" Pop-Bumper Assembly, Moving RingMaster Head Target, Cannon Assembly in Backglass, Neon Tube along Ramp, Captive Oversized Ball, Magnet Lock on Ramp
Designer:   John Popadiuk
Artwork:   Linda Deal
Software:   Cameron Silver
Sound:   Rob Berry
Music:   Rob Berry, Dave Zabriskie
Mechanical:   Jack Skalon
Graphics:   Adam Rhine, Brian Morris
Slogans:   With its high voltage, high stakes action, Cirqus Voltaire is unlike any circus you've ever seen.
Step Right Up and Join the Cirqus!
The Greatest Pinball on Earth!!

I've been looking to purchase a Cirqus Voltaire for nearly 3 years. I finally found one. This game ROCKS. I totally lucked-out and got a Sample (very early production) game!

Here are some pictures of my Cirqus Voltaire machine. I will be taking more pictures eventually, probably after I shop this one out. It's filthy right now, and I don't want to show it off in that state. Unfortunately, I'm having so much fun playing it, I don't want to take it out of comission long enough to shop it out. Click the images for a larger view.



A view of the full Cirqus Voltaire Playfield. A detail shot of the upper playfield area.



A detailed view of the middle area of the playfield. A close-up of the lower section of the playfield.



The Ringmaster. Your arch-enemy in the game. The front of the cabinet and coin door area.



A no-flash picture of the full Cirqus Voltaire playfield. Check out that neon! The backglass on Cirqus Voltaire. They moved the DMD panel into the playfield area, and worked the speakers into the artwork of the backglass. Very neat.


This is a custom desktop background that I created for this game. Images were taken from the flyer, and from a picture that Duncan Brown posted to his website. Click the appropriate Link below to download a background for your computer.

640x480   800x600   1024x768

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