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About PinballZone.com and the Webmaster

This site has actually spawned from another site I have. MsPac.com was my original site. Previously, I was basically a "Video Guy". As soon as a friend of mine sold me a Pinball machine, I was immediately hooked. The machine was a Gottlieb Victory. The experience I had with Victory told me that I was no longer a die-hard Video game guy. I was slowly beginning the transition into a "Pin-Head".

I wanted two distinctly separate sites, to help separate the informaton contained within them. Obviously, MsPac.com is the video game site, while PinballZone.com is dedicated to pinball. This should help in the organization of the information contained within the two sites. It also helps with those people who are only into one side of the collecting. If you aren't interested in video games, stick around here. If you are not interested in pinball, check out MsPac.com. You get the idea.

As most other pinball collectors have realized, one pinball is never enough. I quickly bored with Victory and went after a new machine. The next machine was one that quickly became my most prized pinball. Twilight Zone. It was a bit above my fixing ability at the time. Check the Twilight Zone page for more info.

This site is to show the beauty of collecting pinball machines. I enjoy it so much, and want to share it with everyone. Welcome to my obsession.

All of the graphics contained within the pages of this site are completely custom created. While they may be similar to graphics found elsewhere on the web, I have gone to the trouble of remaking them so I can call them mine. I do not condone, or believe in the practice of "borrowing" other site's graphics without permission. If a graphic appears anywhere on PinballZone.com that is not created completely by me, I will credit the original author immediately below that image. Please respect the amount of time and work that has gone into these graphics, and follow the directions in the PinballZone.com Disclaimer before taking any of my graphics for your site.

Above all, enjoy your visit!

-Todd (PinballZone.com and MsPac.com Webmaster)

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